DS PHARMA Uk Limited was founded in 2012 and is known as the leading innovator and distributer of High Quality Human Medicines, nutritional supplements and cosmetic pharmaceutical products in London, Sudan and Dubai.

About DSPharma

DS PHARMA UK Pursuing continuous growth as a corporation with an emphasis on contribution to product quality, with the world most innovative technologies.

Since its establishment in 2012, DS PHARMA Uk Limited has earned a reputation as the premier manufacturer and distributor of High Quality Human Medicines, dietary supplements, and cosmetic pharmaceutical goods in London, Dubai, and Sudan.

As potential increased, DS PHARMA Uk Limited expanded the company by improving its knowledge of the Sudanese and GCC markets. To do this, we entered into agreements with well-known pharmaceutical companies and built reliable distribution networks in Sudan.

Today, the highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced employees of DS pharma UK Limited enable the company to operate successfully. They are all dedicated to advancing DS pharma UK's objectives.

The Human Resource Department at DS Pharma UK Limited is fully aware of its responsibility to provide high-quality service and has therefore hired highly skilled individuals who match with their specific job descriptions.Employees at DS PHARMA UK were aware of the rapid economic revolution occurring around the world, which motivated the company to exert effort to increase leadership recognition.

Regulatory affairs sources, import institutions, warehouses, sales, marketing, and distributors are among the many of the partners that DS pharma UK Limited works with. The DS pharma UK Marketing Department announced a clear sales upgrade of a counter-national network and sales centres in various regions of the country in response to this important area of interest.


We Are Trusted By World's Leading Companies

DSPHARMA UK Contributing to society with the world's most innovative technology.

Today, DS pharma UK Limited works successfully with the presence of highly qualified, skillful and experienced personnel, all working for a collective purpose – enhancing DS pharma UK’s objectives.


To grow and invest in internal product development which has been complemented by the efforts of our Business Development team. They envision a geographically expanded Derma show globally, with new technologies and capabilities in the innovation of products.


Providing solutions that contribute in improving health outcomes for consumers in acute and intensive care. These solutions comprise cost and quality that directly driven by innovation and creativity and develop the quality of life. By executing and performing all their effort and expertise and strategies, they will become the company we aspire to be, meet the needs of customers and create true value for all the stakeholders who trust in us


Flawless Integrity -  We act consistently and show uncompromising honesty.

Respecting Others - We always put the health and safety first, adding value to customers, partners, investors and our colleagues.

Sense of Urgency - We sense, research and respond to problems and opportunities without delay.

Courageous Communication -  Seeking the excellence, we communicate faithfully, without fear.

DS PHARMA is placed among the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in Sudan.

Trustworthy and Loyalty.
New technologies.
Positive Results.